Just Listening Community (JLC) will support a community to offer an emotional connection to other community members who are in distress and crisis.

JLC will support community members as volunteers through training and ongoing capacity building to provide a free service to the people in the local area 

JLC will be a model that can be replicated and adapted in any and every community in building the capacity to support one another when experiencing distress, crisis or suicide  


A community led alternative to the Emergency Department for people in distress and crisis.

A place for any member of the community to seek human to human connection when in emotional distress, crisis or suicidal. 


A community run project that builds capacity in the community to respond to emotional crisis, offering compassion, connection and meaningful action to one another. 


The first JLC will be hosted in Christie's Beach - Southern Adelaide.

A purpose designed and developed environment.

Community education on connection and mutual support will be delivered in a range of community settings. 

JLC can be replicated in any community - A plan of the project will be freely available.


The inaugural JLC will open in October 2020.


JLC will be available through the day - eventually providing 24 hr support


Community education and capacity building will be ongoing

JLC is set up to be responsive to community need and will adapt as the community need is identified


JLC is needed to return the healing of community back to the community.


Building capacity and community responses is a sustainable.

Communities are best place to offer support and healing.


Community connection and compassion can reduce stigma, build cohesion and can contribute to removing inequalities of access.

JLC will support the community to facilitate a community environment consistent with the view expressed by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to physical and mental health, Dainius Pūras 'in complying with their right to health obligations, States should enable healthy and positive relationships based on trust, respect, and tolerance and create opportunities for solidarity, mutual support, and trust.
“This means promoting community inclusion, environments free from violence, and participation in cultural diversity. It also means eradicating xenophobia, decriminalizing poverty and of behaviors such as drug use and sexual diversity,” the Special Rapporteur said. 

Connecting emotionally with others allows us to feel deeply listened to.

We can then begin to understand our common emotional distress and find hope and meaning in mutuality