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Face to face support for anyone experiencing psychosis, suicide or emotional distress


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is 'Just Listening' support?

A: Just Listening is an approach offers a person a supportive and space, with another listener, to share their story and come to choices in their own life and a time of distress. 

Q: What will happen in the face to face support? 

A: Just Listening offers a person a supportive space to share their story and and make meaning towards choices in their own life at time of distress. You will be greeted when you arrive and be invited to share what's happening in your life. There is tea and coffee and a very welcoming environment.


Q. How long do the sessions go for?

A. Sessions last 1 hour.

Q: Is Just Listening free?

A: Yes, Just Listening is a free service. 

Q: Do I need a referral to come to Just Listening?

A: No. You can make an appointment via the 'Home' page or the 'Services' page.

Q: Who will be listening to me?

A: JLC Listeners are trained and supervised in the 'Just Listening Model' by the staff at Humane Clinic.

Q: Who runs the groups?

A: The groups are run by trained facilitators, who have experience of psychosis, suicide and emotional distress.

Q: Can I bring a support worker or support person with me to a one to one appointment?

A: There is no requirement for support workers to attend in session.

Q: Can I bring a support worker or support person with me to a group appointment?

A: Supporters of those who are attending the groups will be offered tea/coffee and welcome to wait in the reception area rather than participate directly in the group.

Q: Is Just Listening still a walk in service or do I have to book an appointment?

A: Just Listening can be accessed by booking an appointment via our 'Home' page or 'Services' page.

Q: Is parking available on site?

A: Yes, we have on site parking available for visitors

Q: What age do I have to be to attend?

A: Just Listening Community currently works with people aged 18 and over. 

If you have a question, you can email us using the link below.

if you would like to provide any feedback, you can use the form provided in the link below and email it back to us at

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