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Just Listening Community

Just Listening Community is a free community space creating connection for a person experiencing psychosis, suicide or other emotional distress.​

The service is a therapeutic environment for those seeking a meaningful alternative to other mental health services.​

Just Listening Community was formed to return healing of community back to the community, provide community responses that are sustainable, develop community empowerment and to remove inequalities of access to support for a person in crisis.

Just Listening is run by trained community members listening and connecting to the experiences of any person who visits​ and is facilitated by the therapists at Humane Clinic.

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"It is well recognized that story-telling and meaning-making are universal human capacities" (Johnstone et al, 2018). 

Just Listening offers a person a supportive space to share their story and and make meaning towards choices in their own life at time of distress. 

We also provide mutual aid groups including: Hearing Voices and Alternative Realities Group, Suicide Narratives Group and Suicide Narratives ONLINE Group.

Read our Just Listening six month evaluation report here.

Just Listening Ethos

You are exactly where you need to be for human connection..

  • ...when in distress

  • ...before taking a drug

  • ...before taking action towards ending your own life

  • often as you need

  • ...when reaching out for support

  • ...when reaching in to offer support

  • towards mutuality and connection.


Just Listening
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Hearing voices and Alternative realities group
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Suicide Narratives group
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Suicide Narratives ONLINE group
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