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JLC Intentions



Just Listening Community (JLC) will support a community to offer an emotional connection to other community members who are in distress and crisis and offer mutuality in as a person needing support and a person offering support


JLC will provide a free access environment to seek support when experiencing emotional crisis, distress or suicide, and to support community members as volunteers through training and  nurturing - creating a sustainable free service to the people in the local community


JLC will be a model that can be replicated and adapted in any and every community towards building the capacity & support one another when experiencing distress, crisis or suicide towards culturally and spiritually safe environments of healing


Meet Matt

Matt Ball is a Nurse Practitioner and Psychotherapist and founder of Humane Clinic. Matt teaches and speaks international on humane approaches to working with a person in distress as an alternative to pathologizing diagnosis led mental health systems. 


Matt was awarded Australian Mental Health Nurse of the year in 2017 for his work providing alternatives. His Vision for the JustListening Community draws on lived and professional experiences.

Meet Rory

Rory is a Social Worker and Psychotherapist at the Humane Clinic. He has previous experience in social policy, advocacy, and homelessness services roles, as well as experience of seeking assistance while in emotional distress and being rebuffed, labelled and invalidated.

Rory is passionate about increasing recognition of how environments, systems, and misuses of power fundamentally shape our experiences of ourselves and the world. He is honoured and excited to be a part of the Just Listening Community.

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